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Our searchable directory will help you find a Mediator or Arbitrator anywhere in BC. Look for a Professional Designation. They indicate that the arbitrator or mediator meets specific professional criteria, keeps current in the field, and adheres to a professional Code of Ethics.


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An arbitrator, trained in the areas of arbitration and its relevant laws, is selected by the disputing parties for his/her knowledge and expertise relating to the subject of the dispute. The arbitrator reviews the evidence and arguments of each party in order to reach a decision that is binding on both parties. Either party may involve legal counsel, witnesses or other representation.


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Mediation is a process where the disputing parties appoint a mediator trained in the area of dispute resolution and knowledgeable in the subject matter of the dispute. Like arbitration, mediation involves choosing a third party to help resolve the dispute, but, unlike an arbitrator, a mediator does not impose a decision. The mediator facilitates the discussion to help the disputing parties arrive at a mutually agreed-upon settlement. Mediation is often chosen when the ongoing relationship between the parties is important. Lawyers can be present or consulted at any time.